Affordable Software Solution for CMMC Data Compliance Certification CMMC / DFARS 7012 / NIST 800-171

The new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) will require that 100% of all DoD contractors/suppliers achieve some level of 3rd party certification related to what is specified in their contracts.  Once the CMMC goes into effect, self-attestation will no longer be sufficient to bid on DoD contracts, and it will affect all companies doing business in the defense supply chain regardless of the type of business.

Our SaaS solution provides small to medium sizes the ability to be data compliant for the New CMMC / NIST 800 for cybersecurity data compliance

Scribe Management Suite (SMS)

is a agent based software solution. SMS gives you full insight into how the users are using the technology you provided them. Understanding how the user uses technology will help you set up security properly.  Know what access the user has to data, where the data is and how they use the data.


Information Protection and Data Governance


Superior Insight at the user level


Process Automation and data migration


Improving help desk efficiency throught automation 

Watch to learn how data loss prevention and endpoint protection software can offer CMMC data compliance

  • Manage and monitor data on your network

  • Know where all your sensitive data is and who has access to it, what they did with it.

  • Provide data compliance reports for audit tracking and accountability

  • Proactively prevent human errors and stop malicious behavior

  • Receive alerts for situation awareness and take action

  • Set up policies and enforce them electronically

Values of the solution


  • Email Protection (Encryption and Prevention)

  • Removable Drive Protection

  • Printed Document Protection

  • Web Uploads (webmail, dropbox and more)


  • Security & Compliance

  • IP Protection

  • Increased User Productivity

  • Real-time alerts and reporting 


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