July 1, 2019

Mr. Ronnie L. Felder, Mayor
City of Riviera Beach
600 West Blue Heron Blvd.
Riviera Beach, FL. 33404


Dear Mr. Felder,

The Ransomware attack on your city’s network was most unfortunate and there appears to be a growing outbreak of similar malicious activity elsewhere in Florida, including Lake City and Stuart.

On June 21, 2019 a press release posted by the Boca Raton based Center for Information Security Awareness (CFISA) stated they have offered to provide free cyber security awareness training to the Riviera Beach City employees. /PRNewswire-PRWeb/

As the CEO of Armarius Software, I would like to assist by offering you a free 60-day Desktop Security Risk Analysis (DSRA) including comprehensive monthly reports that summarize all your users activity during this period.  A redacted DSRA example report will be provided to you (and CFISA) in advance to demonstrate the type of results you can expect from this audit process.

We will assist you with the installation of light-weight agents on your 310 desktops and 90 laptops, and configure our server console for centralized information collection.  The real-time monitoring captures programs and processes launched, websites visited, files accessed (which includes printing and downloading, deleting, copying, etc.), and much more.  This data is then used to generate the accurate monthly reports showing potential security risks along with our recommendations on ways to mitigate them.  This will help your IT department and CFISA identify the “security blind spots” as they work on updating their security policies and complete the employee training program.

During the assessment period we show your team how our Scribe Management Suite can help you enforce security policies should the city elect to subscribe to our monthly security software services at the end of the 60 days.  Business policies for both data control and authorized program usage can be established.  This service would allow the city to block malicious processes before they can launch and cause another costly disruption.

The Armarius security platform has been developed and deployed for nearly 20 years.  Our clients have traditionally been in highly regulated markets (i.e. banking and financial institutions) where government security audits are performed, and the repercussions can be significant should evidence of negligence be identified.  The capability to block malicious processes was the direct result of our working with such customers. Today we work with clients in virtually every market to assist with adhering to compliance requirements, protecting proprietary information, and preventing malicious programs from launching.

We are committed to helping prevent malicious Ransomware attacks from spreading.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my offer with you and the city Board Members.  You can contact my office at our number listed above.  Looking forward to hearing from you.



Brian Berglund, CEO