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Know now, what you need to know How one company’s software solution has stepped up the game against end node threats

Inside attacks created by the user which is the weakest link in the network are the where threats are initiating. Whether they are malicious or accidental, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. This solution is not an RMM, Antivirus client or Malware client. It’s is proactive monitoring and managing the end node user solution.

Lisle, Illinois, October 16, 2018     End node data loss occurs because of internal user errors, malicious behavior, and glitches in your system. If you believe that your data or clients information is an essential part of your business, then these are three simple questions you need to ask yourself about how secure is your end node?.

Where is my sensitive data?

Who has access to it?

What are they doing with the sensitive data?

Until now, there has not been one simple solution that could address these three questions.

Armarius Software has released an affordable simple solution called the Scribe Management Suite (SMS) that proactively monitors and manages the user behavior before data can leave your network.

A single small footprint (40mb) agent with various functional modular capabilities secures the user end node, provides additional layers of security and offers automated reporting functionality.  The intuitive console provides IT an easy click-through policy creation and distribution to the agents on the network.

Clients requiring proactive security around the four major leaks points of email, printing, web, and USB can securely lock them down.  Prevention of screenshots of critical information systems, reading pdf files, and locking down network folders to actions rather than just read/write access are other areas the solution can prevent data leakage at the end node.  Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers, and custom content filtering are available.

Companies facing the increased audit requirements for regulatory implementation NIST, HIPPA, SEC, PCI / PII, ISO 17799, GLBA, FERPA, GDPR now have a simple and fast solution for implementation.

Along with the automated report generation from over 50 + standard reports are useful management tools for HR & IT enforcement.  SMS can free up costly IT support helpdesk ticketing by automating and fixing common errors.

If sensitive data and intellectual property are a critical part of your business, then securing the end node user with SMS is essential to your business security.

The fundamental principle of our Scribe Management Suite is understanding and controlling user behavior.

  “Know now, what you need know!”

About us

ARMARIUS SOFTWARE  is an end node security solution that uses an intuitive software solution to monitor and control user behavior to prevent data loss due to user error and malicious behavior.  We believe if your data is important to your business then you should always “know now, what you need to know!”.


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