What is preventing an employee from taking your IP and sensitive data during a merger or acquisition?

How would you ever know if they did?

What could they do with your IP and sensitive?

Could it jeopardize the deal?

Secure your data

Monitoring and managing your network with a Zero Trust approach

  • Prevent malicious behavior, data loss and IP
  • Create report(s)  Proof of no IP or sensitive data lost during the transition
  • Data activity monitoring and alerting for insider threats
  • Know where all sensitive data and IP is on the network
  • Know who has access and to what sensitive data and IP
  • Know what employees are doing with your sensitive data and IP
  • Prevent employee error from sending out emails or attachments/files with sensitive data
  • Meet data compliance for regulatory industries (HIPPA,NIST, PCI, ISO, SEC, SOX and more)
  • Behavior analytics notificationAutomated enforcement of IT & HR Polices
  • Real-time and proactive data loss prevent

      Our SaaS can be up and running on your sever in 30 minutes or less 

      Optional hosting is available 


   Intelligence    Superior Insight at the user level

    Secure    Information protection, Data governance

    Flow   Process Automation, Easy Data Migration

What you need to know

  • Employees Working from home due to coronavirus is a data rsik
  • Employees Working from home due to coronavirus is a data rsik

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“Know now, what you need to know!”

Values of the solution


  • Removable Drive Protection

  • Printed Document Protection

  • Web Uploads (webmail, dropbox and more)

  • Email Protection (Encryption and Prevention)


  • IP Protection & Sensitive data 

  • Security & Compliance

  • Audit reports

  • Monitor & manage the network 


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  • How easy it is to install and run on your exisitng network
  • How you can monitor and manage employees
  • Know where data is on your network
  • Set up alerts and create automated reports / audits / electronicly enforce IT & HR Policies
  • Proactively prevent employee errors and stop malicious behavior