You just solved the employee work from home issues right, or did you just open a whole new problem of protecting your company’s data?

Employees Working from home due to coronavirus is a data rsik Could your employees be copying your data to other devices, USB, printing it, or emailing themselves files?

How are you protecting against insider threats?

Does your company have a solution in place to securely protect your data when employees are working from home?

The solution!

Understand what users do from when they login to when they log out is the only solution to ensure the safety of your network data. The ability to protect against and detect an insider threat (Theft, fraud, data breach) becomes even more critical to the company’s data when employees work from home.

Armarius Software knows now, what you need to know and protects against user behavior threats.

Learn more about our user-focused affordable software solution and how you can protect your data if your employees need to work from home.