Garrett Popcorn Shops says it guards its recipes so tightly that only three employees have access to the information.

Allegedly the director of research and development saved the information to a USB drive and sent it to her personal email account. The information she sent herself included pricing, product processes, distribution agreements, supplier information, market research, and more, according to the suit.

More than 5,000 files were wrongfully downloaded in the days before the termination, putting its secret recipes at risk.

The release of Garrett’s secret recipes, formulas, and other trade secrets “would be severely detrimental” to its business and “cause irreparable harm,” the lawsuit states.

How could this breach have been prevented?

Armarius software could have proactively, prevented this breach from happening the second this individual inserted the USB and ensured that files in email never left the network!  The software could have also alerted the company’s management or security officer of malicious behavior.

Even if you allow some employees to have access to your sensitive data, shouldn’t you know what they are doing with that sensitive data? 

If sensitive data and intellectual property are a critical part of your business, then securing the end node with Armarius software is essential to your business.

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