Armarius Software – SMS (Scribe Management Suite) is an end node security solution that monitors the user behavior and prevents employees from sending sensitive data out of the network.

Our solution is not strictly a data loss prevention solution, antivirus or malware client.  Our solutions sit above the surface to provide a forensic look into how users use the data they have access to, what they do while working and helps you understand your business flow from within the network.

We have various SMS modules, but most of our clients in Healthcare, Non-for profit, Financial institutions are using Secure, Intelligence and Flow modules.

Our solution also covers regulatory requirements from HIPPA, PCI / PII, NIST, GDPR.  Clients are also using SMS to manage and monitoring IT & HR policies.

A brief description of each of the modules; 

Secure – Provides data loss prevention (DLP) & end point protection (EPP) functions.

  • Discovery – What & Where is sensitive data?
  • Activity – What is the user doing with the data?
  • Destination – Where is the data going?
  • Control – What action is appropriate?

Intelligence – Provides visibility into performance operations, user behavior analytics, application performance, and utilization data.

  • Capture and Monitor – Desktop & Laptop – Customer & Application data
  • Analyze data – User – Machine – Application and Forensic data collection
  • Optimize Results – User Productivity – Back Office Support – Call Center Efficiency – Risk Mitigation Compliance

Support – Provides information from the desktop when applications throw error messages.  This module helps IT understand what the user did to create errors within applications

  • Error – Tracking and Handling – Track when errors occur, automate the repair of common errors
  • Windows Log Management – Track windows log with the agent to centralize windows logs.
  • Process Prevention – Prevent unwanted processes from starting

Flow – Provides automation for workflow processes and provides comprehensive data migration.

  • Workflow Automation – Leverage existing IT assets & applications, reduce operator errors, eliminate redundant task and reduce cost.
  • Data migration – perform single & multi-directional migration between any source and target destination.

The SMS software is agent-based and is installed on the user desktop/laptop and only requires 40 MB of data.  The SMS software is run on your server which can be any Windows device or Linux device. We have no access to your data.

If sensitive data and intellectual property are a critical part of your business, then securing the end node user with our SMS software is an essential solution to your business.

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