It is not a matter of if, but when a data breach will occur within your organization. Companies like yours are the next victims to hackers who can bring your systems down or even worse hold you up for ransom or sell off your sensitive data or IP.

Hackers are continuously probing your network for the weakest link as your data is worth a lot to them.

Everyone thinks hackers always attack from the outside but, in reality, 27 percent of data breaches are related to human errors allowing access to your data. Your most loyal employee can be unaware that the sensitive data sent in an email or attachment sent without encryption could be exposing your data.

A disgruntled employee is more than 48 percent likely to steal your sensitive data essential to your business. Right, now they could be getting ready to leave your firm for a competitor and are downloading files from the web or printing off your customer list or emailing to themselves your most critical data.  How would you even know?

It’s time to ask some questions: 

How important is my sensitive data and IP to my company?

What is the real cost to my business if, they breach my data?

Will they sell it overseas or to competitors?

What regulatory violations fines will I have to pay?

What are the legal obligations to notify customers?

What is my cost to rectify the breach?

How much is the ransom?

What is the cost of lost productivity?

What are employees doing with my data / IP?

Who has access to it?

Where is my sensitive data / IP being kept in my network?

If any of these questions raise concerns, then you should be contacting Armarius Software.

We offer a secure software solution to monitor and manage your end node user behavior.

You are just one click away from securing your end node user.

“Know now, what you need to know”!