Can you honestly state that you have had or hadn’t had a data breach? Can you trust your employees are doing the right thing? 

What you need to know now!  

In today’s world, “It’s not a matter of If, but When”, a data breach will occur within your organization. Are you willing to continue to risk your company’s wellbeing when securing your customer’s sensitive data, protecting your company IP and trying to meet all the new government compliancy regulations that continue to get more stringent every year?  

You or your IT staff has fortified the walls to prevent the outside from getting in. However, employees are your weakest link.  They are the ones that are creating havoc on your network.  Ponemon states it. Look at the statistics. 

The collateral damage of a data breach to your company includes: 

  • Eroding Customer Trust  
  • Damaged Corporate Image 
  • Stiff Government Fines 
  • Customer, Employee or Shareholder Lawsuits 
  • Ongoing Government Compliancy/Audit Issues 

As you know IT demands have grown in complexity while IT budgets have decreased, placing demands on already stressed systems that, in some cases, are forced to remain in firefighting mode to extinguish “raging infernos” with small antiquated “garden hoses”. 

How can someone help you with the fires? 

  1. They should identify areas of vulnerability and significantly reduce your risk of an internal data breach (accidental or malicious). 
  1. They should understand what regulators are looking for and help ensure you pass your next regulatory audit with flying colors. 

As the security experts, Armarius’ employees take pride in working with their clients and understanding their issues and concerns in customizing the appropriate security policies for their clients. Please allow us the opportunity to meet with your organization so we can demonstrate how our solution works and how we can better secure and ensure your financial institution is safe and compliant.   

What we’ve been hearing from financial institutions is, and not to oversell this,, “this is fantastic these guys really know how to help”, and “I’ve never seen a solution with this much functionality”. Sorry if that sounds over the top but I’ve heard that from 3 IT Directors that have demonstrated Secure this month.  Let’s find a time to schedule a demo for you and your team. 

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“Know now, what you need to now!” 

An affordable end node security solution!  

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