Could pajamas be your biggest benefit of working from home?

Employees working from home in pajamasYes, pajamas if you are the employee, but if you are the employer or IT person, the biggest unknown is knowing what your employees are doing with your data. You know the reality of the hybrid work environment means more vulnerabilities and threats to your network.

The shift from work to home has become a favorite of cybercriminals by gaining access to the behavioral habits of employees. These leak points can be everything from surfing the web to checking in on social media platforms. The next big breach could be Amazon phishing notifications sent to a personal email or access through a home printer and simple distractions. 

Your best line of defense is electronically enforcing rules and IT policies as if your employee were sitting next to you.

The actual reality is that you need the ability to proactively monitor your employees by setting individual or group policies in real-time, from what they do from when they log on to when they log off, whether they are on or off the network.

Your IT policies need to follow them wherever they go. Enforcing the rules to monitor, alert or block access to websites, devices, applications, downloads, and printers. Create reports and manage productivity and application response time.

When employees are accessing your network, you must know what access they have to sensitive data, where it is located, and what was done with the data. Any sensitive data must be protected, whether in motion, in use, or at rest.

The best way to protect your data is to take the proactive initiative to electronically enforce your IT policies while working in a hybrid environment.

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