Data Loss Prevention

Employee Monitoring

Data Loss Prevention

Employee Monitoring



  • No more expensive software to break your bank!

Data Loss Prevention Software Does Not Have To Break Your Bank

The next-generation software of proactive data loss prevention and endpoint protection for banking is affordable and will not break your bank. Proactive, intelligent next-generation software solution that works from the inside out. We take the crucial step of securing your employees’ access to your sensitive data

Are You Ready for the New Requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 Cybersecurity?

Get the big picture with Armarius Software and add the proactive layers needed to meet the new requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ✓ Proactive threat intelligence ✓ Monitor activities ✓ Information deletion ✓ Data leakage prevention ✓ Policy and Privacy configuration management ✓ Build the new controls into your Risk Assessment

The Swiss Army Knife of Data Loss Prevention

If you thought a Swiss Army knife could do it all, let’s introduce our software solution for Data Loss Prevention. Just like the individual tools of the knife, each one has its purpose and effective use. Some, however, can serve multiple purposes or uses you never thought you

  • Scary Employee inside out data loss threats

No bones about it!

As scary as an insider threat is to your business, there is only one trick needed to take your data. However, if you would rather have a treat, you should learn how to protect your data from malicious intent and employee error, and other data loss tricks. So, this Halloween, Armarius Software is giving out our software on a

  • Prevent Malicious behavior

Protect Your Bottom Line

WOULD YOU KNOW IF AN EMPLOYEE WAS TAKING YOUR SENSITIVE DATA? Understanding user behavior is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent breaches. Right?  Let’s see if we agree. Have you?: Set up IT & HR Policies to inform your employees on what you expect them to




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