Security starts with understanding what is happening…



  • Email Encryption

  • Email Archive

  • Hardware Control

  • Document Management

  • Website Filtering

  • Clipboard Monitoring

  • Application Access

  • Fingerprinting

  • File Shadowing

  • Screen Capture

  • Print Control

  • Content Profiling



  • Behavior Analytics

  • Website Monitoring

  • Application Usage

  • Application Performance

  • Custom Applications



  • Data Migration

  • Workflow Automation

  • Electronic Employee



  • Helpdesk Remediation

  • Sense Errors

  • PC DNA

  • Problem Recreation

  • Auto-Fix Errors

  • Task Functions

  • Desktop Control

The Challenge

If you have data, you have problems. Your information is at greater risk than ever, evidenced by the recent high profi le attacks that involve theft of confidential and proprietary data from large organizations. No one needs to tell you that customer names, credit card numbers and transaction records must be protected. Governments, insurance companies and various agencies make you follow rules that regulate your data. Data security is becoming more difficult with constantly changing regulations, exorbitant fines and ever evolving attack vectors. Mobile computing, peripheral devices and file sharing software compound the problem.

The Risk

  • Compliance fines – Non-compliance equals stiff penalties and costly law suits
  • Workforce productivity – Enforcing data security rules can create confusing business processes and restricts employees from using tools that increase productivity
  • Company credibility – Negative publicity generated from disparaging posts or any security breaches that must be made public can be visible by millions of people, including existing and potential customers

The Solution • Agent Based Approach To Integrated DLP

Armarius Software is revolutionizing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) by combining technology and process to move businesses from passive detection to active enterprise information protection. The solutions from Armarius Software are easy to install, deploy, implement and manage. Our all-in-one information protection, content inspection security software solution provides a total cost of ownership advantage to any size organization.


  • Agent based security tool
  • Provides protection for Data at Rest, in Motion and in Use
  • Easy to manage, create and customize user security policies
  • 24/7 policy enforcement on or off the network
  • Real-time alerting and reporting as incidents occur
  • Manage compliance requirements and audits worry free
  • 40+ built-in reports
  • Checklist confi gurable dashboard
  • Secure the mobile workforce


What & where is sensitive data?

  • Monitor & Detect
  • Classification
  • Context
  • Content


What is the user doing with it?

  • Files
  • Email
  • Application Data


Where is data going?

  • Devices
  • Networks
  • Applications
  • Printers
  • IP Address
  • Recipients


What action is appropriate?

  • Incident Alert
  • Prompt User
  • Warn User
  • Encrypt Data
  • Block Action
  • Mask Data

The Challenge

The combination of an increasingly complex world, the vast proliferation of data and the pressing need to stay one step ahead of the competition has sharpened the focus on using analytics within organizations. Knowing what happened is no longer adequate. Leaders say they need to know what is happening now, what is likely to happen next and what actions they should take.

Some Of Their Concerns Are

• Enhance Performance: understanding the “real” user experience, workflow and cycle times
• Gain Control: lack of timely information, inaccurate or inconsistent data
• Reduce Risk: management or regulatory and security compliance

The Solution

Intelligence is a comprehensive, easy to use workforce optimization software solution. The solution provides unprecedented visibility into performance operations, user behavior analytics, application performance and utilization data.

Additional Benefits Include

  • The ability to capture and analyze workforce data in a timely manner (remote & mobile workers)
  • Understand the “true” user experience
  • Create an end-to-end work view which can be used improve operational processes, workforce performance and productivity
  • Streamline and improve the employee appraisal and review process
  • Real-time monitoring enables management to make business decisions faster
  • Effectively manage software license reconciliation and recovery


  • Measure real-time application response times at user level and proactively set alerts based on performance thresholds
  • Track specific buttons, windows or screens within an application
  • IT Support will receive real-time degradation alerts when response times are higher than assigned thresholds
  • Report on software license tracking and entitlement
  • Enables software license reconciliation and recovery
  • Save your organization thousands of dollars in unused licenses fees
  • User time sheet – detailed employee activity
  • Monitor websites visited
  • Track number of keystrokes entered daily
  • Provides legal and HR forensics and activity reports
  • Provides compliance information for safeguarding sensitive data

Application Perfomance

  • Real-time monitoring of application response times
  • Delivers alerts on performance degradation
  • Increases end-user productivity

Application Utilization

  • Decreases software license cost and maintenance fees through reconciliation
  • Decrease risks regarding SW audit by comparing SW installed vs purchased vs actual usage

Behavioral Analytics

  • Compliance requirements safeguarding data
  • Increase employee productivity and performance
  • Streamlines employee reviews and appraisals
  • Legal & HR have forensic reports on users

Capture & Monitor

  • Desktop Data
  • Customer & Employee Data
  • Application Performance

Analyze Data

  • User
  • Machine
  • Application

Optimize Results

  • End User Productivity
  • Back Office Support
  • Call Center Efficiency
  • Risk Mitigation Compliance

The Challenge

Regardless of size, many organizations face similar challenges; departments do not operate as cohesive units, operational systems are not linked and critical applications are not integrated. Other market dynamics such as corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or even organic growth have left the IT environment with disparate systems, inconsistent processes and diff erent data structures and data formats. These issues can impact your organization’s bottom line and your ability to respond to your customers in a quick and effi cient manner.

Your key business processes can be high-level and strategic in nature, or they can be targeted and tactical. They can cut across organizational boundaries or they can focus in functional areas such as the IT department. As organizations seek out ways to reduce costs and improve effi ciency, they constantly fall short due to the complexities of automating tasks using various scripts, batch fi les, macros and other executables. Without an automation platform that provides an easy to use end-to-end solution, the automation of IT and business processes becomes difficult to implement and very costly to maintain.

The Solution

Integrated within the Scribe Management Suite (SMS) offering, is our Business Process Automation Module, Flow, which focuses on automating workflow processes and provides comprehensive data migration capabilities. Our solution enables organizations to design, execute, monitor and continuously improve business processes that span organizational boundaries and computer networks.

Our software leverages existing IT assets and applications to accelerate information flows, reduce operational errors, eliminate redundant data entry tasks and costly delays in processing. Additionally, Flow can perform single and multi-directional data migration between any source and target destination.


  • Pre-built library of tasks
  • GUI based
  • Event logging
  • Error handling
  • Built-in script support
  • Event based triggers
  • User based triggers
  • Native terminal emulation
  • File management
  • Database automation
  • Email automation
  • ERP automation
  • Active directory support
  • Multi-machine execution
  • Timer (benchmark testing)
  • Custom schedules
  • Script editor
  • System monitoring
  • Run-time support
  • Secure FTP & HTTP
  • Data access & transformation
  • Modular task creation
  • WMI support
  • Automated problem resolution
  • Automated report generation
  • Batch processing

Flow can be configured to streamline and automate any business or IT process such as

• Data access and transformation
• Job scheduling software
• Application integration & migration

• Batch processing
• System monitoring and automated problem resolution

• ODBC/OLE database queries and transactions
• Automated software testing

Assessing the Data

  • Gather information about systems
  • Observe the process
  • Locate source data

Watch Workforce Performance

  • Agent records the process
  • Capture keystrokes/mouse movements
  • Understand decisions

Where is data going?

  • Create automation process/code
  • Data automatically entered
  • Automatic error detection/correction

The Challenge

Over the years, support activities, trouble tickets, and service level expectations have grown in volume and complexity. The costs for supporting your end users continues to escalate while IT budgets have decreased, placing added strain on your shorthanded support staff and help desk. Support teams must deal with a number of challenges including multiple regional, national or global office locations and an increasing number of remote and mobile users.

The end result is an inefficient service support organization with higher costs, dissatisfied and unproductive end users. IT organizations are under pressure to supply higher levels of support to the business, including faster incident resolution and improved service levels to their end users.

The Solution

Support is an innovative solution that can automate incident and problem management support processes. Support can cost-effectively reduce the number of trouble tickets generated, improve resolution time and prevent future incidents from occurring all while improving IT staff efficiency.


  • Significantly decrease helpdesk trouble tickets
  • Minimize end-user PC downtime
  • Increase end-user and helpdesk efficiency
  • Auto-send end-user detailed
  • PC DNA error report
  • Snapshot of screen
  • Keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Installed software
  • Auto-correct common errors as they occur
  • GPF
  • Runtime
  • Application
  • Script
  • Dialog
  • HTTP
  • DEP

The Support System

Reactive Support

  • Real-time awareness of issues incident communication and correction
  • Improve metrics like first call resolution, mean time to repair, recurring incidents
  • Seamless integration with other service management solutions

Proactive Support

  • Significant reduction in call volumes and trouble tickets
  • Provide trend analysis data on IT support issues
  • Real-time support and remediation of local and remote users within minutes

Overall Improvements

  • Increase quality of service, end-user productivity and satisfaction
  • Align service desk functions with business drivers
  • Enable service desk consolidation
  • Reduce overall support costs