Mind The Gap of Data Security in 2021

How MSP’s are creating new revenue from user behavior and securing new clients.

The biggest threat MSP’s face in 2021 is the gap between your current security layers and a solution to control the client’s user behavior.  This gap of vulnerability known as human behavior has become the favorite among all cyber criminals and is a relentless access point.

This gap, however, can be controlled and safely managed by applying a software solution that enables the electronic enforcement of IT / HR policies from anywhere a user works.  No longer relying on the education of your employee as your last defense.

Protecting against such a gap starts by using a software that understands your client’s network to know where confidential and propriety information is located.  Who has access to what and what they can do with it?  It needs to have the ability to set policies and alerts by user.  It must have the ability to understand and identify what access is allowed by individuals to email, printer, USB, and web.

Protection goes well beyond traditional employee security training, which can’t prevent the accidental “click” on a malicious link in a phishing email or the inappropriate sharing of sensitive information via the four major leak points (email, web, print, USB). New forms of “file-less ransomware” are evading detection by traditional signature-based endpoint protection platforms.

Do not let users be your “last line of defense”!

Working from home or anywhere has created a demand for SMB to have the ability to know their user’s behaviors. This niche has not been one that MSP’s could afford to offer clients up until now.  The issue has always been the complexity and high cost of implementing a user behavior monitoring solution.  Armarius software has created a solution that fully integrates into the SMB market by providing automation that works proactively rather than reacting and eliminates costly monitoring.

The solution provides real-time user alerts, E-Mail notifications, and auto generated reports for auditing and compliance. It fits well into the SMB market that must deal with regulatory data compliance or internal audits. Everything from work productivity and controlling what sensitive data employees can access, utilize, and can share from anywhere.

Now, MSP’s have a new revenue solution that can secure the gap of human behavior vulnerability but also offer service differentiation to clients.

Do you need a way to differentiate your MSP services?  Start by minding the Gap, of human behavior with Armarius Software.

Published in MSP Insight on March 4, 2021