Are you kicking the can down the road on your regulatory compliance?

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Are you kicking the can down the road on your regulatory compliance?

Beyond your ethical, legal, financial and the time requirements to get compliant MANY small to middle market companies are just not meeting their obligations.

Whatever the reason why? There is now an easy solution to remove excuses and quickly start you on the path towards compliance and secure data.

If your company falls under HIPPA, NIST, PCI / PI, GDPR, ABA 483, FDIC 6.19.4, or regardless of the compliance, Armarius software offers an affordable solution that installs within minutes.  Using the intuitive dashboard and with a click of a mouse, you can start the process of securing your most sensitive data, managing policies, creating audit reports and trend toward becoming data compliant, right away!

Not only does the software start you on data management path for compliance but, it instantly secures the end node breaches which are the favorite target for hackers.

Armarius software’s SMS (Scribe Management Suite) provides you the control to set your compliance requirements.

  • Monitor and Manage the End Point (EPP)
  • Proactive prevention before sensitive data can go out on your network
  • Auto-generate reports for Audits or daily reporting functions.
  • IT policy management
  • HR policy enforcement
  • Administrator access control
  • Email encryption – automation (simple to use)
  • Workflow and process automation

Armarius software is an agnostic solution being utilized across multiple market segments from financial institutions, legal firms, healthcare facilities, manufacturing businesses, retail stores, non-profit organizations and many more.

You own and manage the data, and in only minutes you can be starting the process of becoming regulatory compliant to securing your data.

A quick, easy solution towards becoming data compliant right now!


Curious about the product? Schedule a 30-minute introduction to see if SMS is the right fit for you



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