From log in/out know now what you need to know!

Know what your employees are doing with your sensitive data from log in to log out.

Working from home, office, or anywhere, monitor and control your user access, monitor behavior, and productivity.

Everything from Printers, the Web, USB devices, personal email, and more!

Search your network to locate sensitive data at rest or in motion and manage or transfer it.

Ensure your company data is in regulatory compliance with GLBA, HIPAA, PII, ISO 27001, SEC, SOX, and more.

Intuitively set policies and controls to auto-generate reports or supply real-time proactive alerts that end false positives.

Control what access employees have and what they can do on your network.

Increase productivity and ROI by using our robotic processing tool for repetitive tasks.

Armarius Software allows you to “know now what you need to know”!