IT & HR Policies Are Like Wearing A Mask

IT & HR Policies Are Like Wearing A Mask

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Who has access to your data while working from home or anywhere?

Just as a virus can deploy through a simple click of the mouse, IT & HR policies can be as strong as an N95 mask with personal protection equipment. Not having IT & HR policy is just the risk you take without a mask.

“There has been a 41 % increase in data being stored on endpoints since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.”  Forrester June 2020

IT & HR policies must be administered today with realtime monitoring and behavior software to protect your endpoints. It becomes more critical as employees access and use your sensitive data from home.

It must monitor and manage human behavior to stop abnormal use and offer proactive solutions for any unauthorized actions that put your sensitive data at risk. It needs to take appropriate action, to record, create alerts, and be intelligent enough to understand if it is malicious or human error.

It is a necessity to provide a secure solution for data loss protection while meeting the new performance standards of data regulatory industry compliance.  It has to be intuitive, easy to set rules, alerts, actions, and, most importantly, affordable!

Here is just a sample of what Armarius Software can offer to secure your data with intelligence

Device Management – USB, Printer, Bluetooth, others

Email – Required encryption, Attachments, Forwarding, Any suspicious, Sensitive data

Web access – Social Media, Search Engine, Personal email, Screen capture, online file share

File access – Network drives, Specific, File type, Copy, Upload, Download

Archiving – Emails, Attachments, Printed

Application access – Specific, Time period, Monitor, Block

Content Filtering – Social security, Credit cards, other content

Reports – Auto-generate, application performance, threat detection, productivity, activity log,

and an additional 60+ reports available

Our software offers three built-in selectable IT policies and HR options that you can use right now, or you can quickly select

the options you want to manage your existing policy to enforce it digitally.

Start right now to enforce in realtime your user’s behavior with IT & HR policies today by “Know now, what you need to know!”

Visit our website  for your 20-minute demo or qualify for a free 30-day trial assessment of your users’ behavior.  Armarius Software 1-331-305-3700


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