How can you know what your end users are doing?

How can you know what your end users are doing?

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Breaching the end node

User Monitoring Software

As many as 70% of data breaches occur at the end node. While big technology shops can afford the complex tools and dedicated support to secure their end nodes, most smaller companies can’t.

Armarius Software has a solution to this critical problem. With SMS—Scribe Management Suite—Armarius provides user monitoring software that is an affordable bundle of tools, policies, and services to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

Installed directly at the end node, SMS creates a proactive security environment that prevents data loss before it happens. The software agent, which is less than 40 Mb, locks down the four major leak points on the end node—print, USB, Web, and email—preventing breaches caused by both user error and malicious behavior or theft.

Because it is a fully automated and integrated system, SMS tackles data loss prevention efficiently, from every angle:

  • Compliance: Rather than relying on employees to comply with complicated written security policies that they may not fully understand, SMS allows companies to enforce their security policies electronically.
  • Oversight: Network end users pose the biggest security risk to any organization. From the minute users login to the minute they log out, SMS is collecting data to better understand what users are doing. The data that is collected can be employed not just to prevent policy violations but to improve productivity as well.
  • Sensitive Data. Nobody wants to leave sensitive data unsecured. SMS automatically locates sensitive data files on your network—before it’s too late.
  • Data Collection and Analysis. With the ability to generate over 50 reports, SMS is designed to eliminate many of the tedious and time-consuming data collection and analysis tasks typically associated with DLP.

By automating and integrating all aspects of the DLP process, Armarius Software – SMS user monitoring software provides powerful tools and built-in support to rival the big technology shops—but at a fraction of the cost.

Why wait for data loss to happen?

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