The Swiss Army Knife of Data Loss Prevention

If you thought a Swiss Army knife could do it all, let’s introduce our software solution for Data Loss Prevention.

Just like the individual tools of the knife, each one has its purpose and effective use. Some, however, can serve multiple purposes or uses you never thought you needed.

Insider threats are very similar, you just never know what the next tool needed will be. This Swiss Army knife is like our proactive software solution with multiple tools rather than a single-blade reactive solution that gets layered onto your stack.

Our proactive data loss prevention software solution is an extremely cost-effective tool, with multiple uses. Because we offer a selection of tools for one price, you have the added value of more tools for what threats may arise and no added cost.

Our Swiss Army knife of software tools, all on one knife can do everything from

  • Monitor insider threats from login to log off regardless of where they are working from.
  • Know where all your sensitive is on your network. Who has access, and what did they do with it?
  • Proactively prevent sensitive data from being emailed, screen captured, downloaded to other devices, printed, and more!
  • Create electronic IT policies by individuals or groups. Intuitively easy to click the box to implement in seconds. Custom or template. End false positives!
  • Our solution provides regulatory compliance for ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA, SOX, SEC, PII, GDRP, and more.
  • Our new next-generation phishing software is ideal for adding a layer of protection.
  • Know your data is not at risk in motion or at rest! Be protected by reducing the attack surface.
  • Email encryption. Email monitoring. Monitoring and blocking email attachments.
  • Blocking file downloads from websites.
  • Blocking screenshots and filtering anything that can be copied into the clipboard, including images.

Like a Swiss Army knife, there are so many other ways to use our software that you never thought of, so sign up for a 15-minute demo.

Regardless of the next insider threat, Armarius software is the Swiss Army knife with multiple tools to handle any situation.


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