Insider Threats – Can you be trusted?

Join us on Wednesday October 18 at  9:00 am CT Click here to Join "Insider Threat" Monitor and manage your users access to your sensitive data working from home + hybrid or anywhere. Know now what you need to know!

From log in/out know now what you need to know!

Know what your employees are doing with your sensitive data from log in to log out. Working from home, office, or anywhere, monitor and control your user access, monitor behavior, and productivity. Everything from Printers, the Web, USB devices,

  • Scary Employee inside out data loss threats

No bones about it!

As scary as an insider threat is to your business, there is only one trick needed to take your data. However, if you would rather have a treat, you should learn how to protect your data from malicious intent

  • People with blindfolds on, lost without cybersecurity.

Are you using out-of-date IT Policies?

Stop using out-of-date written IT policies and replace them with a real-time enforceable electronic policy. Customize an IT policy in minutes to enforce employees working from home or anywhere. Create your policy with a click  Proactive real-time alerts Over

  • Woman who has created human error in front of laptop

Human error is the greatest threat to a company

55 % of Global CISO's consider human error their company's greatest cyber vulnerability Human error is a threat to your data Companies continuously train and update employees on their IT/HR policies hoping that human error does trigger

  • anti-phsihing software

Not every hoodie catches a phish!

Email phishing is getting more sophisticated and difficult to recognize  They are using some pretty good lures today, and the phishing only seems to be getting better. One in every 99 emails is a phishing attack. So good that

  • Do you know who is downloading your sensitive data?

Not every threat wears a hoodie?

Not every threat wears a hoodie? Your biggest cyber threat is not from Russia, China, or Romania but your employees. Regardless if they are working from home or in the office, your business is running the risk of

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