Protect Your Bottom Line

Protect Your Bottom Line

would you know if an employee was taking your sensitive data?


Understanding user behavior is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent breaches. Right? 

Let’s see if we agree.
Have you?:

  • Set up IT & HR Policies to inform your employees on what you expect them to do for security?
  • Figured out where all your sensitive data is that you want to control?
  • Setup access to printers, USB/Storage devices, access to personal email, and the website would help secure data.
  • Prevent human errors or malicious intents before any data was lost?
  • Setup a preventive anti-phishing solution as an added layer to O 365 that proactively prevents a user from clicking on a link?
  • Setup an alerting mechanism when the user’s don’t follow your policies?
  • Setup an alerting mechanism when a PC is running slow causing productivity to be down?

Your best line of defense is electronically enforcing rules and IT policies as if your employee were sitting next to you.

The actual reality is that you need the ability to proactively monitor your employees by setting individual or group policies in real-time, from what they do from when they log on to when they log off, whether they are on or off the network.

Your IT policies need to follow them wherever they go. Enforcing the rules to monitor, alert or block access to websites, devices, applications, downloads, and printers. Create reports and manage productivity and application response time.

When employees are accessing your network, you must know what access they have to sensitive data, where it is located, and what was done with the data. Any sensitive data must be protected, whether in motion, in use, or at rest.

Armarius Software has a solution to this critical problem. With SMS—Scribe Management Suite—Armarius provides user monitoring software that is an affordable bundle of tools, policies, and services to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

Our flagship module of the product suite, Secure locks down the employee to make sure company data is safe. With Secure policies in place, the software can prevent data leaking from the four (4) major leak points; Removable drives, Web uploads including cloud storage solutions like DropBox, Email attachments and even printed documents. Also, policies can be set to prevent data from the source location whether it is a file share on the network or an actual application.

  • Install the software and start knowing what you do not know. Track all user behavior from when the user logs in to when they logoff. Track where data is at rest, in motion and in use. Understanding data flow is the best way to lock it down.
  • Review your current handwritten IT security policies. Analyze where you can improve your security posture electronically.
  • Implement policies to enforce data controls. Prevent data from being loss whether it is use, in motion or at rest.
  • By knowing what you need to know about the how data is accessed, set your policies and maintain focus on changes in the environment you can feel safe that you are protected.

Using the centralized dashboard, the CISO or security person can see where data is going and then use the policy to lock things down.

Secure tracks the file actions that the user does with those files they have access to. Intelligence records every action that an employee does.  Collection of that important data will help you understand what happens from when they log in to when they log off.

Security and data loss prevention should start with understanding how users use their computers.  Who has access to what data, How they use that data, and where they send that data. Pairing Intelligence with Secure allows you to know now what you need to know!

The Scribe Management Suite grew up with Intelligence. What better way to know what your employees are up to without standing behind them? Intelligence is a comprehensive, easy to use workforce optimization software solution that tracks User Behavior from when they login to when they log off. The solution provides unprecedented visibility into performance operations, user behavior analytics, and utilization data.

Intelligence records every action that an employee takes including screens, applications, websites, files, emails, etc. It records the time the Window is open for as well as the time in which the user interacts with the Window. Intelligence understands the difference between when the PC is in use, idle, locked, and even in hibernation.

  • Track all user behavior from when the user logs in to when they logoff. Track actual work time in applications versus how long the document was open for. Fully grasp what the user is up to.
  • Using the centralized dashboard, you can analyze all the data that has been gathered through reports and search capabilities. Adjust the policies to collect more or less data as well.
  • By knowing what you need to know about the user, you can optimize productivity. Learning their behaviors allows you to correct them with new processes or training.

Using the intuitive dashboard, HR can view activity to understand what users are up to. Managers can find how their trained processes are being implemented. Analysts can see which employee is a achieving better results and how to mimic that employee’s skills into training that can be done across the enterprise.

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