Everyone Knows, Pick Four is a Lottery Game!

Everyone Knows, Pick Four is a Lottery Game!

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However, Cybercriminals know pick four as a 4 natural access point to breach your network.

For them, it is like winning the lottery.

To your employees, pick 4 are 4 ways in which they do their jobs. Send an email with an attachment, upload files to a browser, removable drives, and printers. Many small to middle-market companies are unnecessarily exposing themselves every day to a potential breach and phishing attacks because of these four leak points.

Think about phishing just for a moment, how many times have you heard or read a story about someone clicking on a link? Employees that have access to the web, clicking around on social media sites, copying files to Google drive, or downloading an executable without even knowing the potential threat that they just exposed to your network.

Access to personal emails is another threat. It is a great way to expose your network to a phishing attack that can launch the ransomware. It is also a quick way that employees can send sensitive files to themselves. A lot of sensitive data can be sent out via a personal email account.

We all love USB devices for their convenience and quickness to copy and share all kinds of stuff. Just ask Garrett popcorn how on employee downloaded 5,000 files of sensitive data and then left the company. They copied sensitive data to a USB and emailed files to their personal email account. Cybercriminals love USB devices because they know they get shared! Great place to hang out if you are a virus moving from one laptop to the next until they get access to your sensitive data.

The other common leak point is the printer as employees think if it is on paper, no one will know they just printed off the customer list, IP drawings, financials, or a vendor list. Just another soft target for access to that USB.

The solution to prevent your lottery winners from a significant win fall.

Start with an affordable SaaS from Armarius Software that proactively monitors and manages your endpoints. Electronically, and proactively protect your business from phishing attacks and enforce your IT and HR policy. Know where your sensitive data is on the network and who is doing what with your data. Proactively prevent phishing attacks and stop sensitive data before it leaves your network. Get reports and create alerts and know at all times that your endpoints are secure from being breached.

So now you know how to stop cybercriminals from winning the pick four lottery and what you can do to secure your endpoints.

Give us a quick call so we can share the other ways we can protect your sensitive data. Armarius Software 1-331-305-3700


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