When is a User Activity Monitoring Solution Intelligent and Secure?

When it is an All-in-One software solution that uses proactive data technology to detect and stop insider threats, whether human error or malicious intent.

  • Real-time visibility of monitoring activities on or off the network with 24/7 proactive detection
  • User transparency, whether working from home, office, or anywhere
  • Create an end to end work view and use the data to improve operational processes, workforce performance, and productivity. Auto generate reports!
  • Know where your sensitive data is, find it, tag it, move it, enforce your data policy.
  • Reduce risk and ensure your data is in regulatory compliance and audit ready
  • Know what applications and devices are on all your endpoints and manage user permission and access. Prevent an executable that cause Ransomware!
  • Eliminate false positives with Intelligence that provides alerts on suspicious activities.
  • Prevent users’ access to personal email, USB, Web, and printer regardless of where they are working from. Automated enforcement and alerts.

Secure your sensitive data across people, processes, and technologies.

Know now what you need to know about your user’s activity by monitoring for insider threats from anywhere!

Armarius software now offers an all-in-one solution with more intelligence to secure your data.
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