• Woman who has created human error in front of laptop

Human error is the greatest threat to a company

55 % of Global CISO's consider human error their company's greatest cyber vulnerability Human error is a threat to your data Companies continuously train and update employees on their IT/HR policies hoping that human error does trigger

  • Cybersecurity Insider Threat, four leaf clover.

Is today your lucky day?

Today may be lucky day for some, but without insider threat prevention and data loss management software from Armarius Software, you might as well keep looking for a four-leaf clover. 

  • anti-phsihing software

Not every hoodie catches a phish!

Email phishing is getting more sophisticated and difficult to recognize  They are using some pretty good lures today, and the phishing only seems to be getting better. One in every 99 emails is a phishing attack. So good that

  • Do you know who is downloading your sensitive data?

Not every threat wears a hoodie?

Not every threat wears a hoodie? Your biggest cyber threat is not from Russia, China, or Romania but your employees. Regardless if they are working from home or in the office, your business is running the risk of

Mind The Gap of Data Security in 2021

How MSP’s are creating new revenue from user behavior and securing new clients. The biggest threat MSP’s face in 2021 is the gap between your current security layers and a solution to control the client’s user behavior.  This gap of

Management Teams need to understand cyber security risks

Management Teams need to understand cyber security risks We all know that security is not an energizing topic with most management teams, so we've collected the top three questions we hear on a regular basis to provide you the Cliff Notes version


As much as 70% of data breaches occur at the end node. With SMS—Scribe Management Suite—Armarius provides an affordable bundle of tools, policies and services to mitigate the risk of data breaches from willful and unintended end user actions. Compliance: SMS

What access do your employees have to your sensitive data?

Manage and monitor your sensitive data. Employee Computer Monitoring Software Scribe Management Suite (SMS) is an end node security solution that monitors user behaviors and prevents employees from sending sensitive data out of the network. SMS sits

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