Insider Threats – Can you be trusted?

Join us on Wednesday October 18 at  9:00 am CT Click here to Join "Insider Threat" Monitor and manage your users access to your sensitive data working from home + hybrid or anywhere. Know now what you need to know!

From log in/out know now what you need to know!

Know what your employees are doing with your sensitive data from log in to log out. Working from home, office, or anywhere, monitor and control your user access, monitor behavior, and productivity. Everything from Printers, the Web, USB devices,

Mind The Gap of Data Security in 2021

How MSP’s are creating new revenue from user behavior and securing new clients. The biggest threat MSP’s face in 2021 is the gap between your current security layers and a solution to control the client’s user behavior.  This gap of

What access do your employees have to your sensitive data?

Manage and monitor your sensitive data. Employee Computer Monitoring Software Scribe Management Suite (SMS) is an end node security solution that monitors user behaviors and prevents employees from sending sensitive data out of the network. SMS sits

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