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Since 1949 no one knew their secret

Garrett Popcorn Shops says it guards its recipes so tightly that only three employees have access to the information. Allegedly the director of research and development saved the information to a USB drive and sent it to her personal email account. The information she sent herself included pricing, product processes, distribution agreements, supplier information, market research, and more, according to the suit. More than 5,000 files were wrongfully downloaded in the days before the termination, putting its secret recipes at risk. The release of Garrett’s secret recipes, formulas, and other trade secrets “would be severely detrimental” to its business and “cause irreparable harm,” the lawsuit states. How could this breach have been prevented? Armarius software could have proactively, prevented [...]

June 14th, 2019|

Employees are almost as dangerous to business security as hackers and cybercriminals

Armarius Software has the solution to prevent this from happening, right now! Our affordable SAAS is offered to small and middle market companies to prevent employees and malicious behavior from happening. It is a simple solution that provides protection for data at rest, in motion and in use.  Employees are almost as dangerous to business security as hackers and cybercriminals 

June 4th, 2019|

Are you kicking the can down the road on your regulatory compliance?

Beyond your ethical, legal, financial and the time requirements to get compliant MANY small to middle market companies are just not meeting their obligations. Whatever the reason why? There is now an easy solution to remove excuses and quickly start you on the path towards compliance and secure data. If your company falls under HIPPA, NIST, PCI / PI, GDPR, ABA 483, FDIC 6.19.4, or regardless of the compliance, Armarius software offers an affordable solution that installs within minutes.  Using the intuitive dashboard and with a click of a mouse, you can start the process of securing your most sensitive data, managing policies, creating audit reports and trend toward becoming data compliant, right away! Not only does the software start [...]

February 28th, 2019|

We are Armarius Software – Let us help you with security!

Armarius Software - SMS (Scribe Management Suite) is an end node security solution that monitors the user behavior and prevents employees from sending sensitive data out of the network. Our solution is not strictly a data loss prevention solution, antivirus or malware client.  Our solutions sit above the surface to provide a forensic look into how users use the data they have access to, what they do while working and helps you understand your business flow from within the network. We have various SMS modules, but most of our clients in Healthcare, Non-for profit, Financial institutions are using Secure, Intelligence and Flow modules. Our solution also covers regulatory requirements from HIPPA, PCI / PII, NIST, GDPR.  Clients are also using SMS to [...]

February 8th, 2019|

How can you know what your end users are doing?

Breaching the end node As many as 70% of data breaches occur at the end node. While big technology shops can afford the complex tools and dedicated support to secure their end nodes, most smaller companies can’t. Armarius Software has a solution to this critical problem. With SMS—Scribe Management Suite—Armarius provides an affordable bundle of tools, policies, and services to mitigate the risk of data breaches. Installed directly at the end node, SMS creates a proactive security environment that prevents data loss before it happens. The software agent, which is less than 40 mb, locks down the four major leak points on the end node—print, USB, Web, and email—preventing breaches caused by both user error and malicious behavior or theft. [...]

December 4th, 2018|

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